Writing doesn’t always come easy for me. There have been times that I have wanted to write something, I would start and something will either come up or I will get distracted and lose my thought on what I wanted to say, then days will pass without me writing, then weeks. Weeks lead to months. Then I end up forgetting all about writing. That is until the urge hits me again. I end up upset with myself for not sticking to writing. 

Writing on a schedule

I could always try writing on a schedule. I have actually tried this in the past. It worked for a short time but like before I ended up getting distracted or I ended up hating the topics I had chosen for that particular day. With the writing on a schedule, I can either plan my topics ahead of time for a week or even a months time or I could write a certain amount of articles in one day and have them published at various times. 

Write like you speak

I have always heard before that when you want to write an article that it is best not to write the way you speak. Well, I am telling you to ditch that.  Writing comes from the soul and you should be able to express how you feel when you feel it. More than likely if you write the way you speak then people will be able to understand where you are coming from and be able to comprehend what you are saying. You will also be able to write more. 

Write in small sentences

I’m not very good at writing small sentences. I can write very long sentences and end up with huge paragraphs. But if you want to keep your readers attention for the duration of the article then it is best to write short sentences. See, even that sentence was long. 




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