We all have our days when we’ve realized too late that we’ve been working too hard. It is important to fallback and rewind. Definitely, resting is not necessarily procrastinating especially when it is necessary for your well-being.

Here’s a list of things you could do when you feel so worked up.

1. Go for a walk. You might be so strained for staring at your computer screen for too long. You might be stiff from working on paperworks all day long. If you feel cramped from sitting, it’s a sign you need to get up and get those muscles stretch. Get out for a walk and get your needed dose of fresh air.

2. Drink water. Stay hydrated. I mean it. You’re a huge breathing sack of fluids and you need to keep drinking enough water to maintain that internal balance, homeostasis, they call it. If you can’t keep track of your water intake (like me). I suggest having a water bottle nearby and take a few gulps every now and then and make sure you empty it before finishing your task.



3. Take a nap. Seriously, those bags under your eyes are only good if they were designer. You need to doze of once in a while. It is best to nap less than 30 mins in between working time. Too much could make you sluggish and counterproductive. Sleep the right amount of hours during bedtime. And when in bed, say no to gadgets.

4. Eat healthy. Sometimes, you could feel tired from drinking or eating the bad sort of food. Too much caffeine could cause you to crash after a few hours of working. Make sure to treat your body with a balanced diet. A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a cliche.

5. Love what you do. Sometimes, our feeling of fatigue comes from discontent in what we do. Make sure you do what you love or learn to love what you do. People are more productive when they are internally motivated by let’s say passion, commitment or sense or purpose. Internal motivation is way better than external motivation such as cash and other incentives.

I guess I could go on and on about what you could but for readability’s sake, I’ll leave this list here. It would also be great to hear a few things of what you guys do!

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