I may have mentioned in the past about being a part of an online chatting site which is called IRC (Internet Relay Chat). There are many different networks where a person can join and chat with many different people from around the world. One of those networks is called Undernet. I have been on Undernet for a little over a year. I finally decided to open my own channel there. There are literally hundreds of different kinds of channels that you can possibly imagine but I could not find a place where people could share recipes with each other. So a bunch of friends decided to open our own channel just for recipes. 

UndernetKitchen is born


Courtesy of Pixabay

It just felt right since we were on Undernet to have it as part of the channel name. It took no time in getting the UndernetKitchen channel registered and the recipes started coming in. We had a temporary website that we place the recipes on once we received them but I felt like something was missing. I wanted to purchase a domain name for the channel but someone talked me out of it. I guess that was a good idea because god had other plans. A friend of mine actually bought the domain for me and he is hosting it for me for free. So I am in the process of getting everything switched over to the new site. I am also setting up an email for the site so we can receive emails from people who want to share their recipes with us. 

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