05/06/2017 – Butte, Montana


I’m sitting here at the library, a beautiful Saturday day.

I’ll be leaving here soon, but thought I’d write something just to keep my fingers typing and my mind alive in thought.

There’s a cute girl sitting in the same area as I am but I’m just too tired to describe her other than the fact she is cute.



The ads I’ve been getting here lately are for Russian dating sites such as Charmyou.com, loveme.com, etc. etc. etc.

I’m not looking for a lover, I’ve found one without even looking but these sites crack me up.

Select age: 18 to 45

Hair color: Blonde

Weight: Slim to slightly heavy

IQ: Dumb as box of rocks.

More questions – Do you want children? Sure why not

Drinker? Yep

Smoker? Nope

Again about the children!

Again, none but why not, lets try for a few.

On and on, questions up the butt, to the left, to the right, into the sky, back into the sea, holy waters drifting into the sky as I answer the questions.

Finally, final question – Country! I select former Soviet Union but I could select any number of countries like Mars or Venus or Detroit!!!

279 women await!!

I’m a lucky bastard!!

I choose Tasha A.

Slim but not too slim. Wants a litter of puppies aka human babies by the butt load.

I message her.

“Hi!” she responds. “How are you?”

I tell her “Super awesome!”

“Where are you located?” she purrs, I imagine her in her red teddy, white stockings.


The hell!

And just when the conversation was getting good.

Even if I had a credit card, I wouldn’t fall for the oldest scam in the book.

I’ll go steal someone’s credit card!!

Or just go to a bar here in the states.

Better idea!!!


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