If you happen to be traveling in Maine you might like to stop by the East Wind Inn in Tenant’s Harbor, Maine to spend the night. The inn will not only provide you with a comfortable stay but also with some paranormal experiences.

The house was built in 1860 and its description is of a large, three story, white-framed structure. There is also an attic and a large basement. All around the house is a wrap-around porch. The bedrooms are found on the third and second floors and a lounge and restaurant are located on the first floor. Tenent’s Harbor is a coastal town and when dining in the restaurant you can get fantastic views of the sea. The basement has been turned into an apartment for the present owners.

Tenant’s Harbor was a shipping and ship building center in the 1800s. When a local businessman John Fuller decided that there was a need for a large commercial building he has the East Wind house built in 1860. Until 1894 the top floor of the house was occupied by the Masonic Lodge, on the second floor sails for ships were sown together and later on it was a community meeting room. Downstairs John Fuller ran a general store and his sons has a tin shop in the basement. Charles Rawley bought the house in 1921 and renovated it so it could be used as the Wan-e-set Inn. The house exchanged hands once more in 1941 and left abandoned in 1954. The house remained vacant until 1974 when the East Wind Inn was established by Tim Watts.

The East Wind has several unknown presences. On the third floor and in the attic there is a entity that was quite upset and has been identified by psychic Annika Hurwitt as a disturbed and unstable woman murdered in the 1800s. When this was pursued further it was discovered that indeed a woman had been found stabbed to death near the East Wind. The thought is that perhaps she was murdered in the building.



  • Going up into the attic the owner was pushed by an unseen and hostile entity.
  • In rooms 12 and 14 overnight guests have felt cold spots and have been awakened during the night feeling very cold. Trying to get up they have been held down by an unseen force. Afterwards they feel an uncomfortable pressure on their chests and lots of constriction about their throat so that they cannot scream. However since 1996 guests have just felt themselves held down by the force of unseen hands.
  • People who have stayed in the rooms and have a sixth sense have said that they feel a sense of sadness there. Psychic Annika Hurwitt visited these rooms and felt difficulty in breathing and was overcome by the sadness.
  • For no apparent reason the windows in rooms on the top floor have just shattered.
  • Around 3 AM in the morning people have heard faint wailing on the third floor and weren’t able to identify where it came from.
  • A guest staying in a room on the second floor which is located right beneath rooms 12 and 14 was rudely pushed out of the bed at around 4AM. She then heard a sort of long stroke and short stroke noise coming from up above.
  • Back in the 1980s the roof above one of the rooms 12 or 14 just blew off but the rest of the roofing remained. At the time that this occurred the mattress in the room without the roof had the mattress cut in half.

When psychic Annika Hurwitt meditated in the haunted room she sensed a presence which was very angry and hurt and possibly had been murdered by her boyfriend or husband who had been cheating on her. She has since been haunting the living to seek revenge by making them feel the violence she felt  upon her death such as being held down, being stabbed and not able to breathe because she was being strangled.

The owner has felt a presence in the downstairs living room.

  • Floating up the main staircase from the first floor a gray apparition has been seen gazing upon the view of the sea and harbor from the picture window.
  • Odd noises have been heard such as doors which slam by themselves and the dining room doors swinging open when no one was near them
  • If dogs have been at the inn they have reacted by growling and barring their teeth apparently at something only they can see. The fur stands on end.

When psychic Annika Hurwitz inspected the living room she saw an old sea captain enjoying the view of the sea while smoking a pipe. This unseen guest enjoys his stay at the inn and the living don’t bother him.

In the basement strange happening go on:

  • During one winter when the owner of the East Wind was on holiday he had a friend house sit. She remained in the owner’s basement apartment. During the times when the inn was completely empty she heard noises of someone walking up above in the dining room and the kitchen. When she went to have a look the footsteps would stop.
  • One time when a chef of the East Wind was housing sitting he’d see an apparition from the corner of this eye while he was in the kitchen.
  • There are entities which just enjoy being there and at times they play cards. Psychic Annika Hurwitz had the sense that these entities just enjoyed playing cards and in-between hand they’d walk around opening doors and causing other noises.

The theory being that perhaps these were previous members of the Mason Lodge or people from the community who came to spend time in the meeting room. Perhaps John Fuller’s sons and their friends playing cards in the old tin shop that was once there. As the years have gone on the paranormal activity has lessened but is still very much there.



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