A local taxi arrives at my house to take me downtown to do my grocery shopping and the driver immediately starts talking about N***** this and N***** that.  It took me by surprise, at the very least.  But, the incident got me to thinking about the whole idea of race in this country.

Now, let me say up front that I am no expert and I only speak from the heart meaning no ill will toward any particular ethnic group or race.  That being said, let us examine a little on this subject.

What Race means to us

For the majority of us race means the color of a person’s skin.  Add to it social and economic filters and lifelong beliefs passed down through family members and you have a composite picture.  Black is Negro, yellow is Asian, red is Indian, brown is Hispanic or Mexican, and white is Caucasian.




Whites have always enjoyed the benefits that the world has to offer because, quite frankly, it is they who control most manner of life.  Only during the 1960’s did we begin to see social changes.  Money was still heir domain.  Sure, there were some who did not fall into this category because their own kind chose not to help them.  Socially they were unwanted and looked down upon much like any other ethnic minority.

Personal history

Growing up I saw three classes of people.  White and well off, black and poor, Mexican and even poorer.   Even after I had grown up I saw that white males got married and their white in-laws helped them get a good job and buy a new brick home, their future was going to be a decent one.  As a Mexican, I never saw that happen to a Mexican male.  Not to say it didn’t happen here or there, but not  as a rule.


Discrimination is in reality the exercise of white rule over other ethnic groups.  Nowadays this has extended to religious sexual and gender specific groups as well.  Funny though, how its origin still manifest themselves in the white race.  How many times have I seen whites look down upon me just when I am near.  Bosses have paid me less than whites and I am a legal citizen.  For years I worked under management that tried their best to catch me stealing.  They made it their mission. Harrassment continued daily though my work was exemplary.  They would try to make me clock out because they could not do it without firing me which meant I had legal rights that were defendable in court.

At one of the premier companies in America, I was lied to and denied advancement because I was not blond haired and blue eyed.  Put through a fake interview, I later found out the position was filled before my so called interview.

In high school I had a teacher who tried to say I could not read or write well.  He was eventually fired while I went on to win local and national awards.  Go figure that one out and yes, he was white.

My View

I once had a best friend who was white.  One day he turned to me and said, “Hey! You’re Mexican.”  Well duh!  Ours was a natural and symbiotic relationship that was not controlled by any one else or their money.  That is the way life should be, unencumbered by the will of others.

Some would say that I am prejudiced and maybe I am but it is not predicated on color or race but rather on circumstance and history. When I see these killings of black men I understand why it happens.  I wish it did not happen.  I know that neither race is to blame for having any intent.  But both are to blame in part.  Police are scared of any black who is belligerent so they react in an over-reactive manner and enter situations with predetermined ideas..  In the meantime, the black man is not innocent by any means.  His actions and attitudes  help to create the situation and make it worse.  Many times they pay the price.

All races become confrontational because of the social and economic differences that define their daily lives.  None exemplify the core values that are necessary for understanding.  That is why we have problems across the world.  The values that define America in other countries is what causes many to hate and despise.

When we can live the same experiences and believe in the same values, then we can lose the notion of race.  Life, liberty and justice for all is the goal.  It is a goal that cannot be attained by laws alone.  It must be what defines us as people and as individuals.

I understand that this has been part of one big rambling monologue but a lot of things have been weighing heavy on my mind as of late.  This is only a fraction of my thoughts so try to keep it in context.  I see what is happening in my world and I hurt like you would not believe.  My heart aches for us and i wish I could just make one person understand.

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