While watching Paternity Court, a popular show about DNA testing, I thought about the following question: Should DNA testing be apart of the Birth Process? If you want to know my personal opinion, here it is; I think DNA should be done at birth.

Why should we do DNA Testing at Birth?

Children and Grown Folks
If you watch Paternity Court or an episode of Murray, you will most likely see mothers seeking paternity test for their kids. What is worst seeing grown folks seeking paternity tests to find their biological parent. No one should have to live their entire life and not be sure who their parents. What that being said, DNA Testing should be apart of the birth process.

Child Support
I have seen a few cases where a man has paid child support for a child that is not his. In some cases, he paid 18 years worth of child support to find out that he is not the father of the now adult child.



Adoption/Foster Care
If you were adopted, or grew up in foster care, this could be a good way to learn of your birth family. Assuming that the DNA that is collected is put in a database (more information below), it could be ran and give you the names of the people you are related to.

DNA Database
Once the DNA is collected it can go into a database that is controlled by the government. The form should have vital information that would allow anyone to track their family. Here is the information that should be included on the database form: Name, Social Security Number, telephone number, email address, social media links, and your grandparents information.

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