Many people believe that Christians always support the Republican party.  Actually, Christians do not support any political party.  Yes, they believe in religious freedom.  They believe the bible.

Christianity doesn’t follow a political party.  Visiting the orphans from a different nationality is not a political activity.  It is a biblical activity if a person chooses to go on faith.

However, many people who are Christian support Republican beliefs because it allows the poor access to religious freedom.  It allows people who go to Dollar Tree for spiritual resource from a KJV “Holy Bible” access to continue practicing their religious value.


Republican value does not always set people free from sin.  It may encourage or engross people in sin and idolatry if people are not aware.  Jargon is common theme in any political party.  Sin can be anything from addictions to infidelity to stealing from an employer.  A political resource will not help people get freedom from sin.




People are not set free from sin by a political party.  They are set free by bible verse meditation, practice and admission of sin.  We come closer to Christ, the more we know bible and come to know what bible says about Jesus.


So if you believe that Donald Trump will lead you out of sin, you may want to turn off the computer, the tv or other media resource for a while, because he is a man that did not die for our sin.  He as a man says important things, just like a good boss says some things, but he also has issues in his personal life, which it is not wise to follow everything that a boss does.


It is true that more Liberal political parties, deny the power in God’s word.  They admire the minority religious systems such as the atheist or agnostic.  They are not engrossed in trying to create some sort of religious empire in any way.  However, they are focused on ensuring that people of religious faith do not get special treatment or are treated harshly because of their lack of attention to give-in to differing unbiblical beliefs such as pedophillia or gay-marriage.  Hence, many Christian believe that to stop the evils of liberal political belief, they must vote for the lesser of the two evil.  The bible says, to over come evil with good…….so in essence voting for the lesser of the two evils doesn’t overcome and bring victory to this world.

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