It’s been 8 months since I last posted in this website.  I been very busy for several months and I cannot find time to visit the website to read or perhaps post  article about photography like I  do last year. I don’t wanna go into the details of the things that kept me busy but most of them include work related travel to far flung places in the Philippines where internet is not yet present which is the main reason of my long hiatus in  the online world specially here. I collected loads of photographs these past 8 months that I am eager to share to you so I hope I am still welcome here. 🙂

Anyway, as an end to my hiatus, Let me tell you about this place I visited recently in the town of General Tinio, Nueva ecija.  Three hours drive from Metro Manila, the capital city of the country you will find the Minalungao national park. The place is a huge protected natural environment. It has a river walled with limestone and different rock formation which is a haven for rock climbing and cliff diving enthusiast. (See pic below.)

Penaranda river


The place is also a popular destination for tourist especially during summer. There’s lot of bamboo raft where you can ride if you want to have a river tour without getting wet for a minimal fee or you can just plunge into the river and swim to explore the peculiar nature masterpiece that is the limestone formation. I will leave you with this set of photographs I took in Minalungao national park.






Disclaimer:   All images used in this article are taken by me. If you wanna use them personally please ask permission and put proper credit. If you wanna use them for commercial purpose and you lived close to Manila, Philippines I can give high resolution version and you can buy me a beer. If by chance you’re far from me and want to use the image I can still give high res copy provided that you give one decent meal to a homeless kid or buy one hippie a bottle of beer. (No drugs please) lol



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