Rayna James… Connie Britton… Rayna James


It is unfathomable. How could they kill Rayna James, Connie Britton’s character on Nashville? Rayna James and Juliette Barnes are/were the stars of the show. Connie Britton wanted to grow professionally, which after five seasons is understandable. She has been on Nashville since the inception. After five years, who could blame her for wanting to turn over a new leaf?

The death of Rayna James will certainly make Nashville take a new turn, maybe even twisty road. The possibilities for the series is endless. In life the death of a spouse and parent are traumatic and dramatic. The death of Rayna James could spin off a new series in itself. Not that that is what is happening. In fact, I think this might be the downturn to Nashville, although I have never been good with predictions.

The possibilities that Rayna James’s death leaves is endless. Who is going to take over Highway 66? What about the girls? Now that is drama! When children lose a parent it is left to the spouse/other parent to help them cope and it is always harder on the children.



Talking of the children, who will have custody? Sure Teddy is Daphne’s father, but what about Maddie? Didn’t he sign away his rights? Either way, Deacon will have custody of Maddie, but will they split the girls up? Sisters need each other, especially when they no longer have a mom.

Highway 66 might be up for grabs now. Didn’t Rayna take on a new partner? Will he take over? All the talent in Highway 66 will be shook up professionally as well as personally. Juliette looked towards Rayna not only as a boss and a friend, but also as a mother figure to her since her mother wasn’t the greatest. Then there is Bucky. Poor Bucky. He’s been with Rayna James forever. What’s going to happen to him?

How is Deacon going to cope with the family and the business? After someone loses a spouse they have a hard time moving forward, much less taking on a business and the family drama. That will be a show! With all his past issues, including battling alcoholism, will Deacon be able to stay sober? Maybe for the girls?

One thing is for certain, whatever happens next will keep the audience tuned in again, and again. Who does not want to know what is going on on Nashville? If you are a fan, then you are hooked.

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