Notes: I’ve had this as a song in my head for awhile, which is how a lot of my “poetry” comes to life, I’ll be walking outside, to the store and a song will begin to flow from my lips and I try to figure out a way to write the lyrics down before I make it back home where the lyrics.words seem to get lost, forever sometimes.

This one has been in my head, as I’ve stated, for awhile but made an appearance last night in a dream, I was up on stage singing it, very beautifully(it was a dream, shaddup!! 😀 ) and decided to share it here.

Sometimes dream land gives me some good stuff to post.

Sometimes, even the good stuff are sad.





Jason Giecek

pixabayInto heaven,
Life is better,
Gone again,
He’s gone again,

Into Heaven,
I can see forever,
And ever!

Life is like a magic moment,
Gone again,
He’s gone again.

Walking through a magic moment,
Like a rabbit in a top hat,
Gone again,
He’s gone again!

Witness for the prosecution,
No one else in the high again,
Witness down to levels,
Cross again,
In love again.

Real life is unimaginable,
Radical invasion in your mind again,
And realize that death is back,
Diamonds in the living room are photographs,

Death is not a solution,
No one gets out of here alive,
Alive again!

Alice went down holograms,
Falling down,
Rabbit holes,
In a photograph,
I see the real life
Inside my head,
I realize,
Gone again,
He’s gone again!

I find myself falling down the hole again,
The hallway becomes a nightmare,
Real life is hell again,
Real life is burning me,
Gone again,
He’s gone again!

A photograph,
A memory,
Into life,
We realize,
It’s all a dream,
He’s gone again,
Gone again.

Stand up,
And fall down again,
A memory set up into a sentiment,
A following,
Then gone again….

A photograph,
Brings back a memory,
Trapped inside,
Lessons learned,
Never meant a thing to you,
Or me,
A memory!

Razor blade,
Against the flesh,
Of memories,
Cuts do heal,
Leave scars to remind us,
Of a life done lived,
Misery loves company,
And happiness lives inside of a memory,
A photograph…

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