Do you think that your office work encroach on your personal life? Is it possible that the situations you live at home are only situations to make you see that there is a bigger problem ahead? We all know that stress and professional overwork has impacts on our physical body and our health. 

Of course, there are many other things that can interfere with our personal life. In this article, I will talk about stress, its consequences and the solutions. Stress does have an impact on your personal life. There are many people who go to doctor just for the problem related to stress. 

It is very common in today’s fast paced life and even if it is felt that the subject is a little flawed with lots and lots of arguments and counter arguments, it remains a difficult element to manage for the person who lives with it. You may feel that you are always tense.

If you find difficult to sleep, your appetite has reduced or undergone considerable change, too often your heart beats faster, you feel under pressure and do not know where to go, sweat a lot or your hands become moist, these are signs that you are under stress.



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