Back when I was in 8th Grade (1966-67), I first heard a song called They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! by some character who went by Napoleon XIV.

It was one of those songs known as a one-hit wonder — and I assumed that this was exactly what it was.

The B-side of the recording was this chanting number being played backwards.

Today, I was planning on having another pleasant day visiting in my hometown of Anderson, Indiana USA — and, over all, it HAS been.  Will tell you more about that later (the nice parts).



However, I found out early that one or more people have been trying to stir up some drama — and I’ll say no more about that (at this time, anyway) other than please send prayers.

As people know, I often like to illustrate/embellish my posts with fitting tunes.  This also includes just sharing what I happen to be listening to at one time or another.

In this case, I ended a Tweet by saying that I hoped that there would be no more drama — and decided to illustrate it with a recording of the one-hit wonder being played in reverse.

Anyway, when I went to YouTube and picked that up, I was surprised to find out that this Napoleon character had actually come up with some other goofy songs — and this was the first one that I checked out:

“I live in a split level head”

I became more and more curious and would soon find out that Napoleon XIV had a whole life that I knew nothing about before this afternoon.

By visiting Wikipedia, I found out that his real name is:  Jerrold “Jerry” Samuels, and that he was born on May 3, 1938 in New York City but now resides in the Delaware Valley in Pennsylvania.

He also is very talented when it comes to composing more conventional kinds of songs.

Now 78 years old, he’s still very active in entertainment and has a website as well where he invites you to think of him and his company when you want to be entertained.

What can I say!?!

I was pretty steamed earlier today when I found out that certain drama was continuing to spring up in my life, but, at least, it led me in a roundabout way to find out more about a musical blast from my past — and I have a feeling that this won’t be the last that you’ll be hearing about him from me.

It also won’t be the last time (as it hasn’t been the first time) that I share how I’ve been led to blessings by challenges.  I could actually write a whole piece of writing about this — or many whole pieces — and would only be scratching the surface.

For now, I’m going to sign off (after I add a little bit of how I spent my day besides dealing with drama) and invite you to find out more about the guy who was known by those of us who were part of the generation called Baby Boomers as Napoleon XIV who was mostly known for his one-hit wonder but was doing so much more behind the scenes…

My Final Words For This Piece Of Writing…

Yesterday, somebody (John P. Cleary) from our local newspaper came out to interview Larry and take a couple of very nice-looking pictures of him going through thousands of pop can tabs.  I ended up hanging out at PayLess (our local supermarket) last night so that I was there to buy a couple of newspapers when they arrived.  I gave one to Larry’s cousin, Cindy (a bus-driver who’s a real sweetie), and kept the other for myself.  My cousin, Barbara, brought me her copy of the feature when she came to the library to return a book.  That was sweet of her!

Larry is now less than 75,000 away from his 12,000,000 tab.

This morning, he had a check-up kind of appointment with his eye doctor.

I came out there to the medical arts building on the North Anderson CATS Bus to give him the small amount of tabs I’d recently collected.  My guess is that I gave him my final contribution to getting to his 12,000,000th, and the next contribution I make will be going towards his 13,000,000th.

Anyway, the doctor told him that his eyes were “perfect” — for now, anyway.  I think his eyes are quite perfect — a twinkly-blue that look especially perfect and priceless when somebody gives him tabs!

This link will take you to my latest entry in my blog about Larry where I’ll be sharing a bit more…

More about Larry — AND Napoleon XIV (countless others, too) — in future writings!

That’s all she wrote (for now…)!

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