I have written many times over the years about  Mother and her affliction with dementia.  Many times I do it because I need a way to vent my frustration of the day’s events.  Today is one of those days.

Confusion, lack of memory, uncontrollable rants and personal attacks on my person are the norm for some days.  It seems that it is now more commonplace than ever.  This makes life very tough for me emotionally.  It is wearing me down.  But it is also difficult for me to take care of her properly.  Just trying to feed her a meal is an ordeal in itself.

I cannot count the times the neighbors have heard us arguing loudly over something stupid.  And, I cannot count the times she has thrown me out of the house telling me she can not stand to see my face.  All the neighbors hear and some do not understand what is occurring.  It makes it hard for me to walk outside and hold my head high.  But I continue.

She is my mother, first and foremost, above all else.  The Bible says honor thy father and mother and so I try.  I always felt I let my father down and have tried to make it up to him by caring for my mother in his absence.  It was my last promise to him.



Recently, I read an article that said once a person, in my mom’s age range, has been diagnosed with dementia, they have only a few short years to live.  I always thought I could deal with the memory loss and mood changes, but knowing that dementia can quicken her final years leaves me feeling very uneasy.

No one knows what this affliction will bring us in the near future.  Prayer and writing are my only recourse.  I know I am not alone and that many other families face the same.  Anyway, I feel better now having written this long blurb to share with the public.

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