Marilyn Monroe was an American access, singer and pop icon who built her career during the 50s and 60s upon less serious and insanely popular roles. At the end of her career, she turned to more serious roles, but it was kind of late for her because the career and life disappointments led her to an early grave.
Monroe’s death became a subject of the many speculations and conspiracy theories.
Her real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, she was born to a Gladys Pearl Baker (née Monroe), a flapper, and fathered by a man of an unknown identity.
After her mother was diagnosed with the paranoid schizophrenia, Monroe was settled for an orphanage and afterward that traumatizing experience she was settled with a Goddard family who befriended her mother and took responsibility for her affairs.
Briefly, after her 16th birthday, she married a 21-year-old neighbor to avoid moving out of a state with the Goddards.
She became financially independent in 1844 when her husband was deployed to the Pacific, working in the Radioplane Munitions Factory.
The same year she moved out of her in-law’s house, in defiance to her in-laws and husband she never loved, quit her factory job and started to work for the photographer David Conover after a photo session held at the same factory for morale- boosting pictures of pretty female workers.

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