The Manic Pixie Dream Girl was away for a while now because she was so busy. She scratched her knees to the bone praying for Dillinger to find his new lady bunny and to get off of her cherry.
The whole thing would be easier if a guy doesn’t have a specific taste and the last choice was a bit unintelligent. But, everybody likes pretty. Why would he be any different.
I was hoping that a woman is smarter than a pack of chips.
With things as they are I have nothing much to enjoy.
Now, don’t get me wrong. t’s none of my business what he does, why, how or with whom. Unless I feel invited. But after so many hearsay I wanted to check up on some things.
I didn’t ask permission and he didn’t fuss too much about it, but I had to let go after a  while.
I had my humoristic episode, and that is it.
It takes a bitch to bust a bitch. After all, if I have skills, why not to use it.
It is not my problem that a lady turned to be a fake and end up looking like a dotted disease in that polka dot ‘peel’…
It’s completely beside the point how I get her there.
I must be bad to the bone…

Manic Pixie Dream Girl – Saturday finest

Every time I say this, I risk a fight. Even if I am sure I am the one who is right.
The thing is that whatever Dilinger likes on a woman, I am not. And a feeling is mutual.
I am here with my cheer outfit and a flag for his love life to finally gets going, but I believe he thinks that I am as dumb as I think he is stupid….
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