So, aside from that, I suppose to knit scarves, I checked on Dillinger crazy to see what he is doing – for some reason he found a new hobby of making cages for the birds and some water ponds that go ‘up on a tree’. If I didn’t know him, I would think he makes traps and he’s going to shoot poor things from his porch.
He finds it exceptionally calming and he is quite surprised how can I lead such a messy lifestyle myself… Listen, you Babadook, you are on vacation for like 3 days, and you are already going full village people and super laid back recliner style…!
For him it is like buying a new pair of shoes; he takes one off and just slips into flip-flops. I just don’t get it.
I tried to talk him into a discussion about the Previous – we call it that way – but he is not interested. Essentially his interests are now tied up to new cage designs and what kind of the birds he has in his back yard.
He was too stressed out to stay home, so he went to his summer house. There is where all this village stuff started…
I just hope he won’t start to paint cows in a field down the road because I will go completely clinical if he does.

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