– You have to hide your identity. Your privacy is paramount ( I freaking know that…) and super-important, you have to invest everything you have to hide. Hide everything away!! Don’t let them know you!!-

Yes, mom…

I stood in front of my messenger with an astonished facial expression. Dillinger finally went completely insane.

How do you expect me to work with various clients online … if… never mind…I have all my data online and confirmed identity as well- I am a networker and developer. I need it for my job.



Did you even ever talk to a net professional – we are artic cold. I don’t care of you blow my phones and peek through the keyhole. I only work online and my private life is deadly boring.

– Oh, but you are a blogger, a writer, you have to hide all that stuff!!-

I am not going anywhere, I am not hiding in a mouse hole. I don’t freak care! I invested huge effort to promote myself. Yeah! I am a freaking blogger! I WANT people to know me, not to be anonymous! What is wrong with you!!

If somebody wants to take a risk a hack into any of my online profiles – here there are – I will just use one of other 100 alternative profiles of the same thing and leave that person to poke around with the raging administrators.

I will not move a finger – the whole thing will just implode into itself. Who cares!

What is a news? A guy with a name similar to mine and a home address in the same block where I used to own a post box got his rubbish baked. They even left a message.

Somehow, it has to be my problem now.

In my opinion that was a gang of 12-year olds trying to look cool until the whole thing ended up with a hot mess.


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