I just don’t know where to start writing today, because I doubt that I can explain what the hell happened.
Now, Bob and Helga split up and I think that this might be a very fake split up.
Dillinger, on the other hand, is not interested in anything but himself, his job, his love life and maybe how much I want to talk to him or not.
I told him what happened the other day but he only wanted to talk about music, food and similar.
Then, he asked me, why I was so exhilarated on Sunday and now I’m so cold and full of doubt.
I told him because I wanted to have a happy day and that I know how silly I was. But I don’t care.
I don’t think that Bob and Helga split up because of the things that happened, I don’t think it matters so much what I said.
If two of them plotted anything it only resulted to know how shallow these reasons must be.
I know what the real truth is and the thing is that I would never pretend and fake in a way Helga did.
Nobody could ever tell Bob what he should do, or to whom he should believe.
If he decided to believe me and he decided to believe in everything he heard over the cold line, the one he was bugged about, I guess it makes him reasonably smarter than what we thought.

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