My knee is getting a little better now, but I still can feel one angle in which my nerves are not a grateful bunch.

Also, I got up with a huge splitting headache combined with a toothache in a cradle.

I lay off the aspirins and took a 100 mg of prescription ketoprofen.

I was never offended by disabilities – I was immobilized a few times, blind a few times – but I simply can’t function in pain.



After an initial shock that I managed to harm myself ‘ so badly’ and that I am ‘experimenting on myself’ by not ‘going to the ER’  because I ‘can’t walk’, Dillinger was blatantly frank like always, telling me it’s maybe because I am getting old.  Instead of replying  with a  list of his aging characteristic- a process which turns men into a  mouthy complaining hags-  and not excluding all the artificial things he has – such as the hair, teeth, complexion, emotional facelift and liposuction of decayed noodles – and because I will probably need some cyborg work done on my teeth – come on, nothing lasts forever- I told him that I have annoying joins which like to pop out time to time.

A point he was trying to make to me never cross my mind until some time later…

I never actually contemplated about this issue, at least not like him. I am definitely more ‘obsessed’ how I feel, talk and behave, and not how I look.

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