Into the night we ran, our bodies melting into one.

Friction in our minds, the ecstasies of the bodies melting into one,

You would try to run away if you truly knew me as what I am,

A demon in my twisted mind.




We danced in the pale moonlight, our kisses dancing against our skins,

We are lovers in soul and in body, two entwined as one.

Could you see us on the beach, kisses lightly against the skin?

Two become one?

Like whispers in the dark,

like sun rise love in the mid day afternoon!


I love thee more than life itself,

I whisper your name in the passion of love.

You are my everything,

You are my life,

You are the wishes upon the moon.


I love you,

Till the end of time,

Till the worlds ends,

Till my final breath.


I shall kiss thee up and down thy neck,

Passionately at each point,

The pulse of our love

Cruising through my body,

My weakness is you,

My love, my lust, is you.


When I walk alone, through the night, I think of you,

My love,

My everything.

You are my wind,

You are my passion.

You are my love,

You are my dreams.


When I dream,

I dream of you,

Your passionate moans escape your lips,

As we make love,

Under the pale moon light,

I shall hold you, till the end of days,

Till the night destroys the day,

The moon chases the sun away.

When I see you in my dreams,

You are there,

A figure, among the lilies,

A vision,

An angel,

A sweet lover,

My only.


How I wish you were here now.

How I love thee,

My angel,

My love.


We do not need to whisper each others name,

To know,

Who are our lovers.

Into the night, we go, into dreams we walk, hand in hand.

Our loves.

Our sweetest kisses.

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