How many times and in how many ways do our loved ones let us know that they are near? It is a question that has been repeated over and over again and yet, there are still those who do not believe that after death our loved ones are still near us. I know that they are and that they will be there to watch over us until we meet again. I am not only talking about family members but also about friends, past loves and anyone who has closely touch our lives. We despair when they are gone but that despair should fade if we let them into our hearts and into our lives once more. The main thing is to never, ever be afraid. There is nothing to fear and what you gain is having that person you miss so much be beside you again. It doesn’t mean that they will be there all the time but at certain times you will feel, hear or just know that they are there. I thought about writing this now because I find that spirits come more often at certain times and one of those times is when the seasons change.

Let’s look at some of the more common signs that our loved ones are near or trying to contact us:

Through Dreams

We go to sleep and we dream and into our dreams the person we miss at the moment steps in. Suddenly we are transformed into another world and it seems that we are there with them. This is known as a spirit visitation dream and in this sort of dream your loved one will be surrounded by a kind of light or glow. They will speak to you or convey some sort of message and you will be comforted knowing that they are alright on the other side and at peace. There can be many different types of these dreams and I can offer you examples.



The comfort of a mother – I was feeling kind of ill when I went to sleep. This was several years ago. As I drifted off I had to wonder if I was ever going to wake up again. I was feeling so very bad. Suddenly there I was right by Heaven’s gate and my mom was sitting on a bench. I approached her and sat by her feet and put my head into her lap. She stroked my hair and I told her I felt so bad and actually asked her if I was going to die. She gave a little laugh and told me that I was being silly. Sure I was going to die some day but not for a long time to come. When I woke up I was feeling fine.


Assuring a friend – I had a very close friend whom I loved very much. He and I had a long history and we never stopped being in touch with each other even after I came to Latvia. He never believed that there was a world beyond and one time when I couldn’t contact him I wondered if he had passed on. There was no one to let me know. Then I started having these dreams where he would return to his home and I would be there waiting for him. It was interesting because each time the house in the dream would be different and he would arrive by taxi or just walk in. I then understood that he had passed on but didn’t understand what had actually happened because he didn’t realize he was gone and in the world beyond. Therefore through me and my dreams he was trying to return home. When he finally realized what had happened and I hope my dreams helped him in a way I remember being half asleep, half awake and suddenly his face was before me and he gave me a wonderful farewell kiss. From what I understood it was also a kiss of thank you for always believing that there was this other world and now he was part of it and he had another forever kind of home.

Feeling a presence

Another way that we know our loved ones are near is by sensing their presence. There might be a flow of energy or there could be some sort of movement. Something that you might see out of the corner of your eyes. You might even feel something brush against your arm or feel like someone is sitting beside you. I know that I am never really completely alone and at times it feels good to know that my loved ones are there. I cannot describe the feeling too well but if you ever feel it never be afraid. I have been working at the PC or reading a book and in the quiet of the room I have felt someone watching me. At those times I give a smile toward the place I know they are at and I try to discover who is there. At times the name comes into my mind and at other times I can hear their voice in my ear. To me it is such a comfort knowing close by is the threshold of that other world and I am not alone. You can visually see a picture of them before you because they are just the same only now in spirit, not in body.

Feeling a Touch

Have you ever felt someone touch your hand, brush your cheek or perhaps stroke your hair and no one is there? They have the possibility to do these things. I know many years ago in New York while my mom was still alive I missed my dad so much one Christmas. We were together with my first husband’s family and I was preparing the Christmas Day dinner. Suddenly there was a gentle brush along my cheek and right away I knew my dad was there. It brought tears to my eyes but such joy that Christmas. I can imagine that for them as for you it is a comfort to be able to contact in this way. There was a special Christmas here in Riga, Latvia with my dad and we actually got to hug. My mom has been a constant presence and I have felt her touching my hand and just being close-by.

The Smell of Something

I think that one of the best ways to know that a loved one is near or to remember them is by the smell of something. For a long time since my mom died I smelled her special fragrance in the air. The clothes and the sheets can get washed and the smells can fade away but when you smell them in the air you will see that a particular person will come to mind. I have two reminders when I whiff the smell of cigarette smoke in the air. One is my father who smoked quite a bit and the other is one of my dearest friends. When I smell the smoke I clear my mind to be able to know who it might be that is paying me a visit. I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to me to walk into my empty living room as I have done so many times and suddenly feel a presence and then smell the scent of my mom’s perfume. It is always a most welcome visit.

Hearing Their Familiar Voice

You might think that it is only in your mind but yes, you can actually hear their voices. They speak through our minds and I would say also through our hearts. I cannot quite explain how you know who is who but if you ever hear a voice in your ear listen carefully because I can tell you that you can recognize the voice. I have heard loved ones quite often and then once I know who is speaking I know how to respond. Yes, I also respond and you know the last time one of my very best friends contacted me it was wonderful to have the lingering whisper of “I love you” in my ear.

Electrical Activity

The spirits from the spirit world know that through electrical activity they can get our attention. It means lights turning on and off, static through TV or radio and even things that move. Well now don’t let me scar some of you but those of you who have experienced these kinds of things I’m sure know that there is nothing to fear. Actually I find it rather amusing. There I was awhile ago listening to one of my favorite songs. The song reminded me of a dear friend who had passed on suddenly. I found myself remembering things about him and our times together. Then I was no longer sad but smiling and suddenly through the radio I heard his voice calling me as he so often had done, “Rasy”. I just laughed a little and I said hi and told him I was glad to hear from him. I left my living room and turned off the light. Mom wanted the light on so as I passed the room to go upstairs the light was on again and when I opened the door I felt her presence so I told her good-night. The songs that are your favorites can also rely messages from your loved ones offering you the right words at the right moment.

Phone Calls from the Other Side

People who have had loved ones pass on have actually received phone calls from unknown numbers and then hear just static on the line. The regular phone being an object with electrical activity can be used as a device to contact. One very dear friend desperately tired to get in touch with me. I would be in bed late at night and the phone would ring. I grab it and I hear his voice and he is trying to say something to me. I shout into the phone for him to speak up and then we lose contact. He tried several times and since then there has been no more contact. I often wonder if this can happen through mobile phones as well. Last year my hubby and I were already sleeping and it was past midnight so it was already Halloween. His mobile phone rang and he answered but didn’t hear a thing. In the morning it appeared that one mobile phone had called another but I thought that perhaps since at that time of year spirits do come back perhaps there was another explanation and someone had tried getting in touch.

Symbols to Look For

It is also possible to have symbols to show you that your loved ones are trying to get in touch. For me it has often happened just as one season changes to another.

Signs through Animals

Something unusual to do with any kind of animal since spirits can use the energy of the animal world. Last year we had a butterfly land on my hubby’s hand just as autumn was approaching. It came and it seemed not to want to leave us and I knew that was someone contacting us in a special way. It could be that an animal might do something unusual or cross your path when you least expect it. Our cat Sid has expectantly waited as if for something while sitting on our garden gate and I saw movement through the garden shortly afterwards. He has gotten quite spooky on full moon nights and then too spirits have been on the move.

Flower signs

Spirits have been known to send signs through flowers. The most important thing is to look for things like flowers growing out of season. If you get a flower sign it could mean a message from the world beyond. To understand who might be contacting you think back to the kind of flowers your loved ones especially preferred. It could be that you receive a bouquet of flowers and have no idea who sent them. Last winter I was aware of a presence quite often in my house. It was like someone following me about. Then Martin and I went out for a winter’s walk and suddenly I saw something blue in the snow. I brushed the snow away and to my surprise saw a blue flower now wilted but it was still there under the snow. Then I remembered a very dear friend, who always loved blue flowers of any kind and my mystery was solved.


It should come as no surprise that apparitions are the most common form of spirits getting in touch with us. You can see a solid form, a hazy form or just something that will remind you of a loved one. Not everyone has the ability to see spirits but you can do it. I have seen my dad’s glasses hanging in the air and I know he is there. I have seen my mom in solid form and in hazy form. The oddest thing that has happened to me is that I have seen a hand or hands waving in the air. The last time this happened I immediately knew which of my friends this was. Being the brave and understanding person I am I simply said, “Come now don’t be silly.” “Either show yourself or give me your hand and let me know what you want.” A song that we both loved came on the radio and he and I sat side by side holding hands listening to it and then he just faded away. It made me feel so good all day long.

Understanding the Other Side

So do not despair when friends and family pass on. They are there just beyond reach and we can feel, hear and be with them at any time at all. Let it be a comfort to you and let them into your hearts. Keep on believing and they will always be a part of your lives.





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