April 19th, 2017 – Butte, Montana –

It’s a cool day here in the great city of Butte, Montana, and I woke up alive and breathing.

Yesterday, I received a call back on an application I submitted for a job, which nowadays is an opportunity to leap up and jump for joy.

Nowadays, you’re happy to get a “Screw you, don’t apply to us ever again!”



So I called back today, and the person was not there yet, so I left a message back.

I waddle off for a shower and to check my email.

Nothing in the email.

Sadly, I didn’t drown in the shower.

I received an unknown call on my cell phone.

I called it back.

Music trivia!

3 questions, win two tickets to Bahamas for two!

“Which artist is known for his love of the color purple?” the voice asked me on the other end of the line

“Wayne Newton!” I scream to myself but that’s not an option.

I hit #3 on my phone for Prince.

Guess who won?


All I need is $59 per person and airline tickets and…

Hey wait a second,  I think it’s a scam!!!

Oh well, not exactly sure what to say right now.

Mentally I’m distant, not necessarily happy but not really sad.

I’m feeling kind of down, feeling like a loser on the planet Earth but not enough to go off world with the aliens.

Maybe enough to go   with Wayne Newton and Elvis Presley!

The world right now is a scary place; we’re close to World War Three, the big bang as created by thermonuclear bombs falling from the sky, going boom.

They write song about that kind of stuff – THE EASTERN WORLD IT IS EXPLODING, ETC. ETC. ETC. 

I shouldn’t watch the news, it makes me want to dig a deep hole, crawl inside and pull the hole in with me, maybe bring some snacks, good snacks, the kind of snacks that make you want to dig a hole, crawl inside with them and pull hole in with you.



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