The last few days I’ve been a writing and run around fool, so much to report, so little time, or something like that.

First off, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! to those of you who are mothers and are celebrating on Sunday.

It is a sad day for me as my own mother passed away over two years ago and well, I might be a crazy mother tucker, but no mother.

Father’s Day is the same, my pop is passed away and well, I’m not a father, at least to my knowledge.



In good news, I finally got a job, after searching and applying(I’ll still be looking for a better job pay wise) for almost a year, I finally landed one!

Cashiering for a local super market.

Minimum wage but again, some cash flow into the bank account is good!!!

Right now, bank account is at $1.15!!

I wish I was joking but hey, apparently, according to some newscaster in Bubbletown, Wherever, I am hilarious!!!

That brings me to my daily writings I’ve been doing over the last few days!!

The last few days in the news has been a flood of too much fun NOT to blog about!!!

I rushed to my computer and fired up WordPress to write not just one political piece but TWO!!! as linked here

May 11th, 2017 – Dear President Donald Trump – (Snip from the blog – authorized by yours truly!!!)

RealityDear Mr. President,

It seems like every time I watch the news, I have to check to make sure it’s not on the History Channel and I’m not watching something on President Nixon (–different/101506662/), The Scandals of the Teapot Dome(  Butte, Montana, my hometown has a connection to this President Harding scandal of that time, strange but true!!!) or The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

May 12th, 2017

Rob Quist VS. Greg Gianforte for the souls of Montana! Congressman too!!! A “Bear” Review of Politics!

Here in Montana, we’re having a special congressional election on May 25th, 2017  as our congressman, Ryan Zinke, went to become Secretary of Interior!

I decided to throw my three cents into the race and endorse the Libertarian running for the office.

He has no chance of a snow ball in Hell but hey, it’s my vote!!

Or something!

The fun and excitement of my life as a something, a nomadic writer!! 🙂


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