If you know me for very long at all, you’re probably going to learn about a local guy who surely must have invented words like “cute,” “unique,” and “amazing.”

His name is Larry Eugene Van Ness, and he’s known to scores of people (both local and in many other places) as The CanMan.

I met him on a chilly, rainy day in October of 2013 when I was feeling a bit discouraged…

Anyway, read the following to find out more:




As you can see, even the way that we met was unique, because we met in at least three different stages of a period of nearly half-a-century.

Now that you have read that, I hope you’ll want to read the blog I included in my website about him and all of the good that he does.


At this time in my life, I don’t always have access to the Internet, so I don’t keep this blog up as faithfully as I would like to do.   But I do the best that I can.

Right at this moment, it’s time for me to start breaking camp so that I won’t miss the last city bus taking me to tonight’s destination.

I’ll let you in on more about tonight’s destination when I’m back on here tomorrow.

Does that make sense?

Does it really HAVE to make sense!?!


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