It’s officially the year 2017. It sure did come in with a bang. No, seriously a real bang. Chicago has already seen its first death of the year. Chicago had almost 800 deaths in 2016. I am sure they will out do that this year and to think they are supposed to have strict gun laws. The country Turkey  had a horrible New Years. Some lunatic decided he wanted to shoot up a nightclub where people were celebrating. I believe 39 people died and many more were injured. The shooter, of course, is on the run with no good description on what they looked like besides one of them wearing a santa  suit.

Threats against Russia

Obama is making threats against Russia. It seems like he is trying to start a war before Trump is even sworn in. I bet that is Obama’s way of trying to stay in power. Many are counting down the day until he is officially out of office. A lot of people are fearing Trump. I wonder why now and not when he was just a business man that they could ask for donations at the drop of a dime. People are such hypocrites. It is good to hear the Putin is not taking things aggressively like some think he will do.

Is year 2017 the year of Fake News

It might only be day three of the new year but things are already looking rocky for most Americans. Many do not trust their government or even the media for that matter. “Fake news” is a new label for what used to be “real news” media. It seems no one tells the truth anymore. Whatever happened to honesty and integrity?

I guess time will tell if Trump turns out to be the man that everyone is hoping for or will he fail this country worse than Obama. I just hate that people are jumping to conclusions before he even gets sworn in. But hey that’s what people do, jump to conclusion before having all the facts.




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