It’s really hard to believe that it’s already the second day of December (or third depending on where you are in the world when you read this).  Is it me or does it seem like time really does fly? It would really be nice if time would slow down. At least during some months anyways. I am not very fond of this time of year. The weather is always horrible. I swear Mother Nature doesn’t know what she wants to do either. She is a true woman who is hot one day and cold the next. 

But why should we allow the weather to dictate what we do during the month of December? It’s a month full of 31 days of doing whatever it is we like to do. With it being the month of Christmas there are so many activities a person can indulge themselves in. 

Things to do this December

It's A Wonderful Life- Courtesy of Pixabay

It’s A Wonderful Life- Courtesy of Pixabay

Watch a classic holiday movie

You can watch movies like It’s A Wonderful Life, The Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street, The Polar Express, The Holiday to name a few. Netflix has a whole queue set up just for December. For those who are serious about holiday movies, you can always catch what is on ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas which started on December 1. The TV station TBS will have their yearly A Christmas Story marathon on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Drive around and look at Christmas lights

This the best time to take the whole family around the city and look at all the different lights. There are many different cities that strive on visitors to come and look at their Christmas lights on a yearly basis, for example, Christmas Festival of Lights in Natchitoches, La. When they have their kick-off ceremony it is usually an all day event. They have all kinds of vendors and food for sale along with their annual Christmas parade. Once the sun goes down then the lights come on. 



Have fun making Christmas cookies. picture courtesy of Pixabay

Have fun making Christmas cookies. picture courtesy of Pixabay

Bake yummy cookies

What a great way to spend your December making something sweet to eat and feeling your house with great smells from the oven. You can make chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, or even try a new recipe. If you feel really great you can always make some delicious cookies for an elderly person or pass out some to a homeless shelter. Everyone will be able to enjoy in your kindness. 



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