So it has been a very long time since I been on here. I been on MyLot a whole lot which is another paid blogging site. I am going to try and be more active here as I am in MyLot. I like to write about anything. Even writing challenges. But anyways, my life has been okay. Wish it could be better honestly. I used to be active here then just kind of gave up but now I want to be more active. Just have to figure out the payout thing again. I am also following everyone on the members list. Well, friending them anyways lol. Its cool we get points for referrals here but MyLot don’t have referrals anymore. Our admin is great though because he keeps up on everything. I hope to be in our new house very very soon because then I can set up my office space. I sell on Mercari but Poshmark mainly. I make decent money there but just wish I had more customers. I am trying to better my health, too now. Hopefully I can get better. I hate being sick all the time. Just got over the flu not too long ago. Also, my son has dental surgery March 1st so not looking forward to that. How has everyone else been? Oh, my downstairs neighbor went to the hospital this morning but no idea if she is back yet. She has cancer that comes and goes. Just had a friends grandma die of cancer. I had a friend murdered not too long ago which is very sad because I knew her. I will try and post once per day here. Well, I hope our weather gets warmer too because I am tired of winter and the cold. Well, I am going to go for now. I hope it works out for me here. Later!

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