It’s a very good day today!

Earlier this afternoon, I went to apply for housing, and I was really impressed!

Here is where I applied!

This visit to Anderson is the longest one I’ve had since moving away back in October of 2014.  I arrived the afternoon of Tuesday, May 3.  Originally, I planned to return to Anderson on Thursday evening, but, even before I left on Hoosier Ride/The Miller Bus, I was already considering the possibility of staying until Friday evening.



I ordered the hot lunch for Friday, May 6, through LifeStream’s Senior Cafe, but said that I was doing so just in case I ended up returning home then.  I’m sure that one of my neighbors will be glad to win it in the after-lunch drawing.

Last night — while sitting in our cozy Steak’n’Shake during the especially fun and friendly wee hours and morning shifts — I made my final decision re: the length of this stay:  not leaving until Saturday, May 7 on the last bus out of Anderson for the day.

As motels are even less a part of my current budget than too many sessions of round-trip bus fare (even at the senior rate I get as part of my VIP pass I’ve gotten through CATS — which stands for City of Anderson Transit System…more on them in the future…), this means a lot of staying awake with occasional cat-naps (I once actually dozed off at my table at Steak’n’Shake a month or so ago after finishing breakfast and woke up to find myself surrounded by the early part of the lunch crowd), it can be a bit tiring, but it’s so worth it!

There is the option of staying with friends, but most of them have homes that are either not handicap accessible, not on the city bus line, or both.  Besides, it’s part of the adventure to hang out with the late-night and early-morning crowds.  I have the feeling that — from-time-to-time — I’ll decide to have a night out hanging around the places I’m currently haunting by necessity.  Why?  Just because it’s fun and educational!

It has been a wonderful nearly-two-years in Muncie, but it’s time to return to my hometown to live once more.

I’ve met tons of wonderful neighbors — in fact, it was one of those neighbors (formerly, my next-door neighbor over in Muncie) who recommended my checking out the place where I applied today.  She and her husband live in a complex in the north part of Muncie that is owned and operated by the same Christian company as the one here in Anderson is! — and I’m going to be staying in touch with them, as they’ve also become a very important part of the fabric of my life.

Anderson is my true hometown!  After all, I was born and raised here — or something like that, as I only spent the first year of my life plus about three months more as a city girl before my folks and I moved to a wonderful farm south of town.  I’ll tell you more about my life in future postings.

Even so, Muncie has become a kind of extra hometown, and I’ll be carrying lots of wonderful memories from there when I leave — and I’ll be returning frequently to visit.

Once my 2002 Pontiac Montana (named AJ’s Groovy Igloo) gets repaired, it will be easier to get there and back.  In the meantime, however, there’s always The Miller Bus.

And, on this note, I’m going to bring the first story I’m posting here at EliteWriters to a close and get it “out there” …


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