Today, 15 men, women and children could have survived if there had been no guns in the hands of fools. But, this is not the state of the world as we know it. Guns are everywhere, exceeded in number only by fleas.Surely the thought has to arise now and again, “Why not get rid of guns altogether except for the military needs?”

I ponder the question all the time and I have to wonder how different our society would be if



there were no guns available. Would it be possible that random and accidental killings would be a thing

of the past? Gang violence would be more brutal but less common. Mentally ill individuals would be hard pressed to kill by the multitudes.



All of the financial resources that were once directed at the firearm industry could now be used for some good instead of protecting an evil.

What happens to the second ammendment? It still survives but will be accomplished in other ways. We are, after all, an ingenious people.



Just think for a moment. If the world had no guns then a bullet, predestined for your spouse or child, would no longer be able to reach the mark and they would be alive another day.

In today’s world, to rid it of guns would almost be impossible but it could be done if wanted. My daddy would say “slowly, but surely.” Slowly but surely we could accomplish such a lofty goal if we just tried. Today 15 men women and children will die by the use of guns in the hands of fools. Think about it.

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