It is nothing new when we hear some bombastic news about the Facebook doing this or that, but to fail to deliver and to fall on the rock bottom of hopelessly lost good intentions, this is something I don’t see every day.
From time to time I volunteer in one website, it is filled with the teens ( and young adults) who are either feeling worthless, planning to commit suicide or are just seeking some attention.
If nothing goes well that day, if I can’t help myself in any way, I guess the best way to spend my ‘failure’ time is to somehow help others. It really works well for me.
So, it is quite natural that I feel a little bit angry about what is the Facebook doing to – not to help them – but to additionally use their depression.
Advertising campaigns are exploiting user’s emotional state, and many of them are aimed to the members as young as 14.
These and other things leaked out from the facebook’s Australian office.
All this is just to set advertisers closer to the selling moment of a young person is close to the emotional moment of searching a body improvements, weight loss or similar.
What a pack of losers.
After the leak, the Facebook team issued a mild tasteless apology clarifying that they – in short – have no idea about this and that they will find the culprits.

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