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In order to help Elite Writers grow and get more of your articles seen, I have decided to start a Facebook group for Elite Writers. I am by no means an expert on Facebook groups.  But, I do know that Facebook groups have helped other websites. Facebook groups will help get your articles seen. The group is very basic now.  I will make changes to it as they are needed.  It is a closed group to help prevent spammers.  As of now,  I am the only administrator of the group.  I am very open to ideas if anyone you have something to offer. Please keep in mind that this is the first Facebook group that I have started.  I do belong to many Facebook groups and I believe that will help me with this one.


Join the Elite Writers Sharing Facebook Group


Come and join the Elite Writers Sharing Facebook group.  Share links to your articles.  There is only one rule to the group so far and that is that you share at least one article for every article you post.  This group will help you with you writing network and help build your audience.  I know that all of you want to get your work seen by more people.  This is my way of trying to help my fellow writers out.  The group is close and only for writers from here at Elite Writers but I am thinking about making the group opened to all writers who write online because that will help even more.


I am hoping that this Facebook group will help all of my fellow writers. I am hoping that it will help grow Elite Writers into an amazing writing  site that is seen on all the search engines.  Please help me grow Elite Writers and come and join the Facebook group Elite Writers sharing.

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