Note: Another piece I’ve written, to try and get the toxins out of the system. 

Might be too late, I feel like I’ve lost my mind, which some say, wasn’t that much to lose anyways.


…Let us listen and dance, to read the poetry of the stars, to hear the words of the universe, to see the light, in distant dawn, a whisper, sweetly braced into the wind, to dare not shudder.

Every dawn has a day, the night breaks, feelings are great, into the storm we go, held eyes against the rain, tearing our flesh from bone.



To see,

To hear,

To feel that love, even if lost, better then never to have known such feelings.

Winter does kill the flowers of summer time, not to be seen till spring breaks forward.

We laughed, we danced, we kissed till the midnight moon did show us the way.

We dined, we frolic, we sang, we lied.

To feel,

That feeling,

To never forget,

embedded into my mind,

Like the sweet scent of your skin,

That feeling of holding you close in sweet embrace.

To feel that piercing pain as you left me that day.

The dying of the dawn, into the madness of night,

To scream, no words to say,

To cut, to bleed, to not feel the blade into flesh.

When the moon breaks, it reveals the dying of the soul,

Madness in the brain,

Words with no meanings,

Crying into the darkness,

So no one can see the tears.

To see,


To hear,


To feel,


Nothingness, rain on the skin, trying to cleanse, failing in its mission.

Cold winter winds blow and still, I feel nothing.

To see,

To hear,

To feel,

Something, anything, the greatest win of all…

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