I had a nice plan before this previous summer to lose some weight and get more fit, but the problem was in my work schedule plus afterward, I was too tired and lazy to do anything.
I tried to diet but for some reason everything I lost, I gain back again. So, that showed no results at all.

Maybe it is a water retention because it s not physically possible to lose weight so much in only a week. Some of my heavier friends suggest that I maybe only need to change diet because in their eyes I don’t have any weight problem.
But, it is not what their eyes say but what my clothes show. Almost all of my clothes are shrinking almost over night.

So, this is my new plan. instead of being a mushroom and feed on the junk food and sodas, I decided to change and try to photosynthesize some sun light. lol
Because that is what those diets look to me.

Instead of shrinking my diet portions or going to some nasty protein diet, instead, I will cut the animal products totally and leave my portions as they are.
I can’t walk around hungry.
I will also start with some light fitness and maybe stretch and yoga.



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