Hello, everyone! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and they are looking towards the Christmas holidays. Here at EliteWriters we are always looking for ways to improve the site and help the writers as much as we can. We have noticed that we had a lot of people to join that simply did not participate on the site in any way. We also had a few that wrote a few articles here and there then simply stopped for unknown reasons. 

So we have made some changes on the site that affects writers that are currently not active or who were never active. They have been reclassified from author to inactive. In order to have this changed back to author the writer simply has to be active again. By being active we mean they must write at least one article a month to be classified as active. Simply writing a comment on an article will not classify you as active, sorry. 

Edit from @kisser:

You can now check your status of your account when opening the earning page.  You can now see Account Status. If it’s active then you’re on the safe side, if it’s inactive please then you need to contact support for more info. 



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