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Acceptable rates If you are an expert in some field and you know it really good, then you should look around and see what is a bidding price per article for the expert articles. Some people will take the lower fee, just to get a good grade or to get more work. It is ok, but you have to decide for yourself. There is also a question of the invested time. How much time you will need to finish a given task. If you need only half an hour, then smaller rate is ok, but if you need to do a research that you are losing more time that it is acceptable. Sharpen your writing skills English is not a native language to the most of the writers on the bidding services. The more you know or willing to present via completed tests and skills the higher possibility is to get a gig or a job. You can sharpen your style just by practicing, reading and making your own blog. You should also purchase a Copyscape just for your usage, so that you may check up everything that you write. If you are out of cash for Copyscape, try the Plagium or Grammarly. They will do fine in the beginning too.  


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