Balance is key to a healthy life. You probably hear balance a lot and never stop to think about what it means. “Eat a balanced diet” and even “balance your time between work and family” relates to everyone’s health.

If you balance what you eat do you balance your exercise? I am far from a health nut. In fact, you can usually catch me eating SOMETHING I should not. I do workout though, just so I can eat horrid sweets once in a while and have no physical change to my body.

Working out stretches everything from your mind to your muscles. I like weight lifting. Although I am a female, I am not worried about bulking up. Why wouldn’t I bulk up you may wonder. Well, I have been weight lifting on and off since I was 16 and never have. Even though I am heavy, I try to stay toned. There are a few secrets about women not bulking up.


Secrets of how I do not bulk up:



  1. I am a female. Females do not naturally “bulk” up in muscle areas.
  2. I do not use drugs. Testosterone and steroids are drugs that cause women to bulk up. There are also a few products out there that women can use to look like hulks.
  3. I lift to be toned and tight not to show off muscles.

Balance plays into my exercise routine as well. I use cardio to warm up my muscles and then I lift weights. If you are new at weight lifting warm ups will actually help you lift more without hurting yourself.

Warm ups:

A good warm up is an important way to balance your exercise. You can get cardio and weights in at the same time or do the exercises separately. The easiest full body warm up is from either an elliptical or an exercise bike that includes moving your arms. If you are warming up at home without equipment, stretches are just as effective. Stretch all the major muscle groups or at the very least, the muscles you plan on using.

If you are just starting out in the exercise world, the best stretches are static stretches or stationary stretches as I like to call them. You hold the stretch without moving around. I always think of it like this, I am lazy and do not want to move so if I move the wrong way I am more likely to get hurt. If I do stationary stretches it is less probability of getting hurt or wearing myself out before I weight lift.

Weight Lifting:

Once you have mastered the warm up and you are ready to begin weight lifting start with small weights. Lift what you are comfortable holding in your hand or even a little less. Form is the most important part of exercising. You want to do the exercise properly so you don’t injure yourself. So remember start with light weights, and use proper form.

If you are weight lifting at home and don’t have weights never fear. You can still build muscle using your own body’s resistance. Remember your boring P.E. classes? Those old exercises do work.

Squats are the best weight lifting exercise for your glutes and your thighs. If you are looking for toned arms and core, push-ups work excellently. Don’t forget the flabby underarm skin. Simple arm lifts help with that. As for the flab on your inner thigh, lift those legs out to the side. You will even build up your balance. We are all told Balance is the key to life…


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