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Reboot (I’m back from months of hiatus)

It’s been 8 months since I last posted in this website.  I been very busy for several months and I cannot find time to visit the website to read or perhaps post  article about photography like I  do last year. I don’t wanna go into the details of the things that kept me busy but most of them include work related travel to far flung places in the Philippines where internet is not yet present which is the main reason of my long hiatus in  the online world specially here. I collected loads of photographs these past 8 months...

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Philippines wins arbitration against China

Today was a historic day for my compatriot in our country, The Philippines. My social media news feed was filled with the triumphant result of the arbitration between Claimant country China and the Philippines over  territorial rights on some islands located in the South China sea/West Philippines sea. I too was overwhelmed with this decision from the UN-backed permanent court of arbitration in The Hague. It was a unanimous decision among the five judges emphasizing that China does not have legal basis on their claim in the disputed territories. The court pointed out that the “nine dash line” being...

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Words you hear and you know you’re in trouble

Words that will surely ring and woke you up whenever you are on a deep thought or make you stunted on whatever you are doing. Phrases that when you hear you know its time for you to compose yourself and think of a better explanation. Words that when your girlfriend told you, you know to yourself that you’re in trouble and might be on the brink of losing a relationship if you don’t come up with a believable story. I understand that all of my articles here always talk about photography and travel. This time I wanna write something...

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Old clicks resurfaced in facebook

Old post in Facebook sometimes reminds us of things we had overlooked already. If we are so active in posting status and pictures our timeline will be filled with it and those old post will go under our newest feed and soon we will be focusing on the current posts in our timeline. Good thing Facebook had a feature that revived old post of a sort like anniversary of that post and will ask you if you want to share it again so that it will b re posted on top of your timeline. At first I was not...

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Finding the best angle to photograph

Finding the best angle to photograph a tourist spot is quite fascinating to explore especially if that particular tourist spot is a well photograph place. You could end up taking photos on an angle similar to what other tourist are taking or you can choose to explore other angle that will require you to exert some efforts and let your creativity juices profusely flow to fuel you visually. The good thing is that nowadays  you are already using a digital camera most probably so that you can take all the pictures you want and even review the photo after...

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