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Silvermynx – Another Tale of how it all began – Fiction

Y’hal, that infamous act of procreation that created us, the act between the God of all Gods Hesus and his whore mistress, Tyra, Goddess of the Hunt and The Moon. Hesus’ wife, Adriana, Goddess of All Goddesses punished her by transforming her into a wolf and banishing her to this world. Tyra, even in spirit in all wolves’ hearts, to this day, howls in deep mourning to her beloved moon. …in the darkness of the night, the only light from her blessed friend and true love, the moon, does Tyra do howl. She may never know her lover’s sweet...

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Why Facebook blows: A letter to Facebook

Dearest Facebook, In recent news ala today, you’ve been in some trouble because apparently you let Russian bots run wildly through your streets of golden temples and silver feet running ads to blow up our electoral voting system which seems is easy enough to do without even using Russian bots. I love Facebook, being able to piss off long time friends into unfriending and blocking me with just three posts is just awesome, but here lately with just the mere post of “Watching Blazing Saddles” you’ll end up with spammers hitting your posts(I had five hit a few of...

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We sat in the vile that was the city, our eyes closed to the heated words of damn nation, going here, there and everywhere. Soldiers slept forever in graves, their souls restless on battlefields marching ever forward, guns held high against a foe not there. Where was the sweet wine promised them from grapes harvested that day, misery in vain? Or was it vein? I did not know where the reaper was, lost someplace in time and space, drinking champagne, tired of the pain. I sat on the gravel on the side of the road, Fort something, in a...

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Silvermynx – And the Beginning would become the end. FICTION

PROLOGUE – AND THE BEGINNING WOULD BECOME THE END From the Book of Jal: Chapter One – In the beginning there was nothing, and the Gods, as most do, became bored with the endless lifeless universe they had created and soon, formed from the fires of time, and the clay from the waters of life, they did create humanity, and they placed them into the world, for Their amusement and play. And hence began Silvermynx… ~CHAPTER ONE~ Into the sun we cried, our eyes burned out from the accursed rays, our heads held high in battle against the fierce...

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The other day, my fiancee and I sat around as she delved into the wonderful world of the life of a travel agent. She was helping a woman plan her family trip to San Diego, I think. The woman kept changing her mind a million times till finally fiancee decided they would be shot into the sun and that was that. We then started talking about planning our perfect wedding and honeymoon. “Cleveland, Ohio!!!” I screamed crazily. “I don’t think so!!!!” “Why not?” I replied with my puppy dog eyes, almost crying into my chocolate milk. “That’s not romantic...

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