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Haunted King Cromartie House

I have always thought that the best kind of ghost stories and stories about haunting are stories which are true. There are many haunted places all over the U.S. but unless people are sensitive to the World Beyond they might never realize that they live next door to ghosts unless strange things begin to happen. King Cromartie House is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the city’s Historic Village. History It all began when building contractor Edwin T. King built a one-story bungalow for his family in 1907. The house had carbide lamps and running water. When a man...

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The Hemingway House

The Hemingway House is located in Key West, Florida in the historical section of town. Since 1968 the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum has been National Historic Landmark. This lovely, impressive home was built in 1850 by Asa Tift, for his family. In the 1850s Tift was one of Florida’s wealthiest men. He was a talented marine architect and successful salvage wrecker. The house was built in the Spanish-Colonial style. It is a two story villa with New Orleans wrought-iron porch railings, balcony supports and beautiful Italian marble fireplaces. It was most unfortunate that yellow fever killed Asa’s wife...

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Greenwood Cemetery

Some of the most haunted places are usually cemeteries. There are cemeteries that become haunted as years pass by and cemeteries that become haunted because they have been built upon burial grounds from ages past. Whatever the real story is you can be sure that the dead in such cemeteries do not rest in peace. Tragic Tale of Love We will begin our journey heading into the grounds of Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois. Many legends and tales have been told about Greenwood throughout the years and apparently not everyone there rests in peace. The story of Greenwood’s most...

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The Poems of Keats

Keats Quote When you live in an age when diseases are hard to combat the biggest tragedy is when a great poetic talent succumbs to a disease which cannot be cured. The only difference between an ordinary person and a talent is that when the talent dies they leave behind a legacy of all of their creative works and will always be remembered. It was so for poet John Keats, who realized that in 1821 once he began coughing up blood he was due to succumb to tuberculosis just like his brother before. He died on February 3, 1821...

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Golden Days of Hollywood

In the early days of Hollywood when everything was just coming together actors and actresses were adored by fans and they all seemed to put them on pedestals. Two such film actors were a much admired couple Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. When they got married and went to London, England for their honeymoon on June 21, 1920 they were greeted by lots of admiring fans. Since 1919 Pickford and Fairbanks had been business partners who got together with Charlie Chaplin and director D.W. Griffith to set up United Artists. After the couple got married Fairbanks gave Pickford a 22 room estate as a wedding present which included the first swimming pool in Beverly Hills located in Los Angeles, California. They named the property “Pickfair”. When Pickford and Fairbanks reached London, England the crowds they drew were so large that they couldn’t just go to a hotel. One weekend they spend at Lord Northcliffes’ on the Isle of Thanet and another at one of the country seats of the Duke of Sutherland. In Switzerland Fairbanks purchased an “Italian fast car” and had a chauffeur drive him and his wife through Europe. During their stay there they visited the ex-Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and they were honored at a dinner in Paris, France. The dinner was attended by 200 of the most prominent French actors. Mary Pickford was born in...

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