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Republican Victory does not mean Christians Victory

Many people believe that Christians always support the Republican party.  Actually, Christians do not support any political party.  Yes, they believe in religious freedom.  They believe the bible. Christianity doesn’t follow a political party.  Visiting the orphans from a different nationality is not a political activity.  It is a biblical activity if a person chooses to go on faith. However, many people who are Christian support Republican beliefs because it allows the poor access to religious freedom.  It allows people who go to Dollar Tree for spiritual resource from a KJV “Holy Bible” access to continue practicing their religious value.   Republican value does not always set people free from sin.  It may encourage or engross people in sin and idolatry if people are not aware.  Jargon is common theme in any political party.  Sin can be anything from addictions to infidelity to stealing from an employer.  A political resource will not help people get freedom from sin.   People are not set free from sin by a political party.  They are set free by bible verse meditation, practice and admission of sin.  We come closer to Christ, the more we know bible and come to know what bible says about Jesus.   So if you believe that Donald Trump will lead you out of sin, you may want to turn off the computer, the tv or other media...

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Natural Sciences: Create a bible based Natural Science college class

This is a summary to a book I am hoping to write.  It will include ideas on how to create your own “college classes” and bible based “college major.”   First, choose a liberal arts college manual.  Go through the manual and find all the natural science classes.  Classes like Biology I and II.  Classes about physics and astronomy.  Imagine possible texts that may be used in these particular college classes.  Perhaps one big text book and one lab manual.  Take note on the number of credits the class is worth.  When study of biology occurs, set aside a little time to perform a lab.  In some biology classes, the lab is worth 1 credit and the class it-self is worth three credits.  Of course, a student may choose not to use lab equipment or the student may choose to use lab equipment.  Equipment like microscopes, petri-dishes may need to be purchased in addition.  Is there a lab-manual that can be used in conjunction to the class?  Search internet and libraries for lab manuals.  The lab manual does not need to match the textbook material exactly.  Rather, it is best to simply complete lab procedures as needed.  What if the class involves physics.  There again, be sure to incorporate labs on lights, energy and so forth that would help amplify the concepts learned. Select the textbook that would be...

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More Psalms 119 reading…..less CNN article reading

Well, we have a world that we live in.  It doesn’t like “God’s word.”   Were we all born to love “God’s word.”  No, we were not.  In fact, we were designed to despise fellowship with God and with our fellow man. Why are there so many interpretations of the bible, so many denominations, yet so few actual students of the bible?   You know,  people who faithfully study “the word” SEVEN times a day. Yes, Psalms 119 mentions the number SEVEN as dedication to the LORD this many times a day.   CNN doesn’t get it.  CNN doesn’t care. CNN looks at the sky and says.  Hey, man made that sky in his own image and design as man liked it… lies are lies so we tell the lies constantly and make profit.   Here we are, mere people.   We can look at birds fly. We can study those birds. We can look at stars shine.  We can study those stars.   But the key is this.   CAN WE CHANGE our HEART? This is difficult thing to do. Forgiveness. Difficult. Kindness. Difficult. Strength instead of mockery. Difficult. Praising the LORD in the storm. Difficult.   CNN.  Shares words. These words may have half truths.  But they are not healing words.  They are not eternal words.   God’s word gets Mockery.  CNN  gets claps.   Ok.  ...

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Creating a college class with biblical themes (Statement 1)

*Biblical investigations on knowledge and wisdom*   The student who pursues college should do his or her best to incorporate biblical knowledge into his or her curriculum.  He should gain so much knowledge that when the trials of life come upin him, he will know what to do in difficult cicumstances.  What does the bible have to say about wisdom and knowledge? Proverbs 18:15 The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.   This verse does not indicate that the man or woman pays for a large college expense to get knowledge.  Rather, he or she ‘searches’ for it.  He or she may visit a library regularly and get knowledge through books.  Simply writing an outline of each book that is read, will help the person get knowledge!  The wise man will seek knowledge, he may perhaps seek for it through asking people from different cultures different questions.  He or she may find the ability to discuss hot-topics without forming the belief that he or she stands firmly for or against a certain set of beliefs.   The knowledgeable man in essence does not just ‘accept’ what his college proffessor tells him, rather he chooses to do research and search for the answer himself.   Deuteronomy 1:39 mentions KNOweldge between good and evil.  Does a person need to experience bad relationships and...

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Entry for Today: Writing, Fishing, Gardening, Laundry

Today I will write on elite writers.  I have not written here for a while.  I discovered that I can, in fact, write on my own blog and get a little advertizement income.  However, the income rating is minimal, so I wouldn’t hardly expect more than two visits per day.  My blog does have a lot of information on it however.   I may need an update on the elite writers rules since I have been away for a while.  I need to get updates on length of the articles and other rules that may have changed.   Lately, I have been trying my fish trap.  However, another fisher group found the trap and now I have no fish trap.  I don’t know if I will make another fish trap with dollar tree items, but I will definitely attempt to make a fish trap or animal trap with weaved saplings and grasses or vines.   Also, besides the fish trap, I have been gardening.  I made a gardening table for about thirty dollars, which covers a four feet by four feet area.  When I plant the plants I plant them in square-foot gardening method, that way I have a ton of vegetables and very little weeds to pull..  Most of my containers for the gardening table are aluminum foil pans.  I also use old wash tubs and other odds...

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