Author: Bhargavi

I used to argue against it, Until that day…. The HOSTEL!!!!

I stayed in a hostel while I was working. I used to work in UK shifts, that’s 2pm to 12 am in India. That day I worked an hour extra and came back to hostel by 2am. I changed and wasn’t feeling sleepy and I had a pillar beside my bed. I was leaning on it and had my earphones and listening to songs when the girl who was sleeping in the bed which is opposite to my bed started to move restlessly. I just thought she was having a bad dream. But she kept moving for another 5...

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The Visit to Mom’s house!!

Hello my dear Elite writers, friends, members and admins. How are you all doing? For those who knew me before, hello there and I really missed you all for a while and for those who have no idea who the hell I’m, I’m one of the old users of this site who became inactive for a while. My name is Bhargavi and I use the same name as my pen name too. I thought of becoming active again in this site because my friend and admin of the site @christi34 kept asking me to do so. However, I had...

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My Chronic Back pain and Physiotherapy !!

Hello my dear Eliters, I hope you are all doing fine. Forgive me for staying away from the site for a while because of my physiotherapy sessions and today’s post says why. As most of you know that I was working in Bubblews site previously and I purchased laptop for the first time ever because i had to work in laptop to write. My house never had a proper place for me to sit and write because I have the naughtiest baby running around and it is very dangerous to keep my laptop on floor because either she could...

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A Letter to my Dad !!

He taught me to walk… He taught me to talk…. . He taught me to stand on my own feet … oh, not when I was toddler, but when my conservative society was asking me to get married at the age of 16. He lashed on them, saying “she won’t marry until she is financially and emotionally strong” … . 15 years ago, he asked me what I want to study after my school. I thought for a while and said “Commerce” … he stared at me for a while and told me, “that’s not your career.” I got...

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The Haunted Motel – Part 1

  They all saw the farm house burning from the distance. Fire was in a rage and it was not leaving anything and burning everything down to ashes. It took almost an hour for the fire men to reach the place as the farm house was situated far from the city and another hour to stop the fire from causing more damage. “What more damage could be caused?? Everything was burned down”, the owner of the building, Ted, reported to the media. He was in another state when this disaster happened and it took him a couple of hours...

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