The national elections were held on November 8 all across The United States to determine who would be the 45th president. The selection for president this go-around wasn’t up-to-par like some would say. For those that don’t know what that means, neither candidate was any good. 

The end results have Trump winning the electoral vote with over 300 points. The world goes crazy. Yes, the world has gone crazy over the fact that Trump has won the presidency. Some are calling for a recount such as Jill Stein. Jill Stein ran under the Green Party ticket and got less than 2% of the votes. So why would she want a recount? It’s not like anything would change in her favor. But now Hillary Clinton is joining her in that recount in several states. 

Hillary Clinton once tweeted about Trump and what he said. Take a look here: 

Hillary Clinton is now asking for a recount

Hillary Clinton is now asking for a recount

As you can see from this tweet she is claiming that Donald would refuse to accept the results of the election. What Donald actually said he will have to wait and see. But the point I am getting at here why point out and say Donald won’t respect the result when Hillary’s supporters are doing just that, including Hillary by demanding a recount. Isn’t she going back on her word? 



No woman of her word

Hillary Clinton is no woman of her word. Her word changes with the wind or the pantsuits she wears on a daily basis. She does not care about the people of The United States. If she did she would ask her followers to stop destroying the cities and go home. No one protested when Obama won eight years ago. Hell, no one protested when Bush won either. So why start now. 

It’s Trumps Fault

This is another slogan I am sick and tired of hearing. It’s Trump’s fault that the country has so many racist people. It’s Trump fault that we have so many illegals that need to be deported. Trump this and Trump that. Trump’s a racist. Trump hates Muslims and he hates Jews. Donald Trump is no freaking angel. The racist people were here long before Trump decided to run for office. Did Trump incite hate during his campaign? I don’t think so. I think the Media is to blame for this. 

People are all getting butt hurt over a few comments that were supposedly made by Trump, I am sure the media spliced and cut into the comments so it would fit their agenda and ran with it. America was founded on immigrants. That is great and should be continued.

Illegal Immigration

What Trump has a problem with and what most Americans have a problem with is these people we call ILLEGAL immigrants that are coming here looking for benefits when we can’t even help our vets, elderly or poor first. 

Illegalimmigration is the migration of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. Some countries have millions of illegal immigrants. Immigration, including illegalimmigration, is overwhelmingly upward, from a poorer to a richer country.

So will a wall help keep these people out? Probably not. But our laws need to get tougher in this area. We should not allow people to stay in our country illegally and seek the assistance of any kind. Now I can understand if they are refugees fleeing from war countries but that’s about it.  

Could there be an election recount in the near future?


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