50 days and. counting. Sounds like the title of  a mystery novel. But the story is all too real and the outcome unsure.  This story includes intrigue both foreign and domestic. Possible interaction between Americans and Russians is highly likely and may include background business deals with our newly elected President .

The president that be has publicly accused the outgoing president of committing illegal espionage upon him and his team.

Washington has been remade from a government of the people into an elitist club of millionaires and billionaires . Havoc has been the trademark as illegal travel bans have been implemented .  Protests are erupting on a daily basis.  The public is engulfed in a panic as the White House begins to change health care in America .

All of this is being perpetrated in the guise of trying to make America great again . The question is “Great for who?”



Surely, the Sioux tribes of North Dakota do not feel America is great for them. Mexicans of American origin can only feel a sense of loss of status as their brethren are being removed from homes and family . Jews are once again under attack and not experiencing the true greatness of America .

So after 50 long days where and when do we begin to see America become great again?  It seems that the goal of greatness is reserved for the white elite who controlled American business and society. From the 1940’s until the late 1960’s. We must not lose sight of there being no Hispanics in the Trump Administration .

What makes this story an even greater mystery is the continuing release of false comments and outright lies from the Trump Administration .

Where will this story line lead us? Could there be a disaster looming ahead? Or, will we enjoy a surprise and happy ending? Remember, it has only been 50days and counting.

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