For those that know me well, know that I am a big Walking Dead fan. I have been eagerly waiting for the new season to start and so have millions of other people. We were left in suspense at the end of Season 6 when Rick and his group came face to face with Negan and his crew. It didn’t look good for one of Rick’s people but who was the unlucky person? Now if you haven’t watched the new episode I suggest you not read any further. There are spoilers in this article. 

The Walking Dead Season 7

The much-anticipated premiere of Season 7 aired on October 23. It would leave millions of fans in shock with a feeling of disgust and hate for Negan. When season 6 ended, fans were only expecting one person to die from Rick’s group but season 7 had something different in store, two people died. 

Death of Abraham

Rick was forced to watch as Negan decided who should be beaten by his club that he named Lucille. The first victim, Abraham, took the first blow like a champ and got back up. You can hear him telling Negan he could suck his nuts. At least that’s what it sounded like. I guess Negan didn’t like it because he gave Abraham a harder blow after blow. Until all that is left is a bashed in an area that used to be a head. 

Negan puts Rick in danger by putting him in harms way by fighting zombies-Picture courtesy of Pixabay

Negan puts Rick in danger by putting him in harm’s way by fighting zombies-Picture courtesy of Pixabay

After Abraham is killed, Negan drags Rick to the mobile home and takes him someplace in order to scare some sense into him. Negan is trying to scare Rick into joining his group, as a slave, doing whatever Negan wants him to do. Rick starts having flashbacks of his people and the things they have endured over the years leading up to them getting caught by Negan.



Rick is finally taken back to his group after fighting for his life. Negan is bragging about what he had done to Abraham. He told Rosita to look at Lucille and what he had just done. This angers Darryl and strikes out at Negan hitting him. I guess that just made Negan even angrier so he decided to take it on another member of Rick’s crew. The chosen one was Glenn. :'( 

Death of Glenn

I’m not sure if it was the first blow or the second blow to Glenn’s head that made his left eye pop out of its socket. Not only was this shocking to watch but it was very gruesome. I’m sure some of you reading this are wondering why this would have the effect it’s having on so many people when after all it’s just a television show. Keep in mind this show has been on the air for over 7 years now and most viewers actually grew up with the characters. So it’s like losing a loved one. The look on Maggie’s face will make you want to cry and scream in horror. 

An ultimatum

The torture didn’t stop there. Negan then gives Rick an ultimatum or have his son’s arm chopped off. By this time the rest of the group is crying and are in shock and will say anything to Negan to get him to stop. Rick finally agrees to Negan thus saving his son from getting his arm cut off. 

Do we fight?

Maggie jumps out of her sitting position once Negan and his men leave. She walks towards her dead husband, Glenn and tells the group they must fight back. After this night, what can the group do now? Maggie tells Rick he must go to Alexandria to find help and they must get rid of that evil Negan and his evil men. 

Rest of the season

The season started out to a great but sad start. Now we are left wondering what will happen to the survivors and how it all ties into with the people at Alexandria. I guess only time will tell now. I am hoping that Rick and his group will be able to fight back and kill Negan before he kills someone else. 



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