This is the list of the most common and most often mentioned paranormal abilities.

Psychokinesis is an ability to move and alter a shape of the objects with nothing but a power of will and mind. This is frequently used ‘ability’ by the various con artists and charlatans.

Extra Sensory Perception is an ability to gather information without any of five usual senses. It is often called the sixth sense.

Telepathy is an ability to communicate with another person on distance. Sometimes a person can receive but in some cases even to send messages. The messages can be the warning or simple messages, either visual or auditory, but mostly visual.



Clairvoyance is an ability to communicate with the spiritual realm. In this case, information are gathered with the help of a spiritual being.

Pyrokinesis is an ability to start or stop a fire. Spontaneous human combustion are reportedly connected to this phenomenon.

Psychometry is an ability to gather information from the objects. The medium can hold an object or watch it on the picture, depending on his/hers strength he will be able to read from it.

Precognition is an ability to foresee the future events. Postcognition is an ability to see events in the past.

Bilocation is an ability to exist or to be in two different places at the same time. This ability is said to be physical which differs it from the next case and that is the astral projection.

Astral Projection is an ability to separate from the own body and travel great distances.

So, which of these abilities do you find the most interesting, disturbing or scary?
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