We have had pets right from the year we got married. We were fortunate that we both liked to keep pets. Our first one was a Do berman/Alsatian mix. This dog for some reason never got to like us. He would run out of the house the moment we arrived from office. He lived just for 2 years.

The next one was a Dalmatian who we named Robo. He got along well with us including our cat Kittie.  He lived for ten and a half years leaving behind touching memories.

Robo (2)


Our next was Rana the Bull Terrier. Although he gave us some anxious time in the first few months he turned out to be the most loving. He too had a great love for our cat. They slept together, ate together. She would lick him up soon after his bath and he allowed her to do that. She wanted him close by when she was about to deliver her kittens. He woud pick those wet kittens and lick them up and put them back.  Rana also lived for ten and a half years.



We picked Naaki from among the puppies that a stray had littered in our garden. She turned out to be the most loving mothers having littered twice. She had a bushy tail and was responsible for introducing dogs with bush tails in the neighbourhood.





We lost her at the age of sixteen. We adopted two of her puppies one from her earlier litter. We named him Bhagira. He lived for 15 years. Nimmi was from her second litter and she lived for 14 years.



All these pets had their own personality and contributed immensely to our happness.

We now have one a stray who walked into our life. She just got in through the gate. It was love at first sight.

our latest


Preiti is now 9 years old – a perfect lady. We love her and she loves us.

Pets are to be loved and not kept just as watch dogs.

We have countless videos on our pets. Here is one about Preiti who never slept on a sheet if it was soiled

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