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 Pay Rates

0.005 per view

0.003 per comment on your own posts

minimum requirement for payment is currently $5

*Note* these are subjected to change anytime

Elite Points (EP)

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  • What is EP?

Elite Points are a new currency we have introduced for micro-payments on this website.

  • How can I gain EP?
  1. You can get EP by referring people to EliteWriters through your unique ref-link ( 10 points per referral)
  2. You get 1 EP for every comment you place and get on your articles.


Activity Points given
Sign up 5
Write a post 1
Comment 1
Referral  10



#1 – Christi



#2 – Jason

#3 – Rasma

#4 – Andria

#5 – Kendric

#6 – greeter

#7 – joe

#8 – Margaret

#9 – Kim

#10 – trenna


      tip: these points will be very important for your earnings as the website grows