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Some people have this something that keeps their charm molecules together even by the time they are hundred. I never thought - truly taking a time to contemplate - about this aging things.   I know I definitely hate being ill and in pain, nobody normal likes that. Well, maybe Dillinger, he is a type who like to set himself on fire... A few years back I was faced with this issue when I met some of my mates back from the school. They have changed, but it is not only a face or only a body, it is a complete person. I was always happy-go-crazy, so whenever I open my mouth it is like - aw, I know now it is you - even for the people who haven't seen me while we were elementary. I am true Pixie, so you just need to picture a Tinkerbell on a loathing amount of drugs. That sort of crazy, and it is completely natural. Aside from the hyperactivity, it gives me an everlasting youthful glow so in ways of age I lack classification. Aside, when I have a bad day, then  I look hundred and I don't care. But, what gave me that eery feeling when I met my school mates, it is how badly some of them aged. When you enter the adulthood, you should look mature, not aged. I can take on any woman and give a very solid reason for body changes, but women, in general, take better care of themselves even with the hormones and extra post-baby blubber. I concentrated on a male part because I am always more intrigued by men, and  I wanted to see what happened to them. Even if I was interested my spawn of options reduced quickly to zero. I was absolutely terrified. I don't mind ugly, it was not that. I don't mind fat, it is not close to that. But, the amount of decay in that group was far larger than in a local elderly home. Some people age so disgracefully that you wonder what in a name of a sane reason they did to themselves.   image attribution:


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