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Have you ever wonder what is the absolutely the best tea ever for the kidneys, but not the one who tastes like a dried grass? The best tea for kidneys strangely is a tropical combination of a few plants and fruit. I bought it because of a good taste, not because its health benefits. Tai Nam Cha Mangostan-Maracuja is a tea blend sold on a market under the Mesmer brand. Or you can find it under some other brand, but a name is pretty much the same. Whenever you need just to detox, or you truly experience be any bladder-related, kidney related problem, or you are in the need for the diuretic for any reason, you can always rely on this. In my opinion, it should not tie you down to a 'throne' every 10 minutes, but it does. Not only for me, I tested it on a few people. It works every time without any mistake. What is in it? I will try to list you a list of the ingredients. The ingredients include: (Mangosteen, Maracuja), Hibiscus white, Mangosteen fruit granules (maltodextrin, mangosteen puree), Maracuja juice granular (maltodextrin, Maracuja juice concentrate), apples, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, orange peel, fried roots of chicory. This is directly from the box. It also tastes thousand times better than the usual diuretic teas, the one you buy in the drugstore or in the shop are plain awful.  


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